Project Description

Jordyn Gehlart

Jordyn received her Sumits yoga certification four years ago while teaching at Sumits in Columbia, MO. She attended Oklahoma State University to pursue her degree in Health Education and Promotion with a minor in Business. During her time at OSU she developed her yoga knowledge in restorative, flow and Ashtanga based practices. She also specialized in yoga for athletes where she instructed private yoga sessions for the Oklahoma State Athletics department. Some of her favorite teams to work with were the men’s and women’s golf and tennis teams.

Jordyn moved to Kansas City in order to pursue her career in the corporate fitness industry. She currently works with Corporate Fitness Works full time and teaches yoga. She practices yoga at least 4 times per week at Sumits Yoga KC. What Jordyn loves most about practicing Sumits Yoga is the strong foundation it provides in order to grow your practice.

“Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together” – B.K.S Iyengar