Project Description

Nece Hanks

Nece met Yoga in 2010. After a complicated relationship for a few years, they decided to be serious, and got engaged in 2013. In 2015 they got married.

In the past decade Nece has fallen in love with having a consistent and healthy lifestyle. After she became a mom, she traded in fast food and T.V. shows for a gym membership, fruits and avocados. You can often find her outside walking her dog, Rocket, playing with her kids, in group exercise classes or out on her paddleboard.

For the past 14 years, Nece has stood behind a salon chair, as a Cosmetologist, focusing on her clients’ appearance while listening to what they’ve been doing for the past 6 weeks. She said, “I noticed everyone is just so busy. Too busy. Kids, Careers, Spouses, Houses, Vacations. People just go non-stop. Humans are stressed & tired. The fun stuff sounds like a chore”. As the years were passing, Nece realized it doesn’t matter how luscious your locks look; if your body is hurting, your mind is racing & your heart is aching, there needs to be a solution. “Yoga is the solution” she smiled & added. Clients often get out of her chair looking & feeling refreshed and much better than they did when they first sat down. You’ll quickly learn that Nece has a very fun, witty, simple and upbeat personality, and you won’t catch her without a smile.

When asked why she is always happy, she gives a lot of credit to yoga. On the hardest days, she says, “If I take one hour for myself, I have so much more positive energy to share with everyone around me.” Yoga is a way to give herself permission to pause, and time to breathe. It’s a positive timeout – time to be grateful for her chaotic life from a safe distance. Our minds and bodies need a quick rest and reset.

Nece started thinking, “What if I could make people feel better on the inside like I make them look on the outside? That would be magic.” In 2017, she completed her 200 RYT teacher training at Sumits KC so that she could share her passion.