Project Description

Robert Baran – Instructor

robert-side-p-2Four years ago, Robert moved from Kansas City to Scottsdale, Arizona, where he discovered Sumits Yoga.  Four years of daily (6-7 days a week) practice later, Robert committed to becoming an instructor and sharing Sumits Yoga with the Kansas City area.

Robert had always been interested in yoga and experimented with many styles or “schools”: Ashtanga, Ayengar, Bikram and Baptiste.  Each style has its benefits, but nothing provided him with the experience that Sumits Yoga provides.  “Sumits Yoga has everything that I was looking for and, I believe, something for everyone.  It’s a workout, it’s a mediation, and it’s a strength and flexibility builder.  Quite simply, it’s the most amazing, butt-kicking, mind-calming practice there is,” says Robert.

Robert is adamant that Sumits Yoga makes him (and everyone else who practices regularly) feel happier, healthier, and more peaceful than any workout, meditation, or massage he has experienced.  Robert recognizes that he needs that peace of mind because in his “free” time, he is an attorney and the primary care-giver to his three kids, ages 12, 12, and 9!  (He is still happily married, but his wife travels with work, a lot!)

In addition to being a yoga teacher, attorney, and Mr. Mom, Robert is a licensed massage therapist.  While he doesn’t currently have an active massage practice (c’mon people, he can only do so much), Robert finds that his massage and anatomy training is a great asset as a yoga instructor, helping him guide people to a safer, more correct practice. It has also given him a deeper appreciation of the benefits of Sumits Yoga.   Robert challenges, “C’mon down and let me share my passion for Sumits Yoga with you.  Give me 2 weeks, and I’ll give you the healthiest habit you’ll never want to break!”