Project Description

Samantha Kopek

Samantha has always enjoyed fitness on a recreational level. She started running about five years ago, with her first race being the Warrior Dash! This race motivated Sam to run more and run better. Later in 2012 she added Jazzercise to her fitness regime, which helped her build strength and endurance- knocking several minutes off of her race times. It even helped her run her first marathon in 2013! She was hooked at her first class and within 14 months became a Jazzercise instructor. Samantha also decided to dedicate quality time to practicing yoga, seeing it as an important complement to her cardio and strength training. It was difficult to find a place to practice that fit her busy schedule. In March 2017 she discovered Sumits Hot Yoga! A place with EARLY morning yoga, later evening and weekend yoga and such a variety of classes. After her first class- Sumits 80- she was hooked! She knew Sumits would be a big part of her life, so she asked to train to become an instructor. In July she received her 200 RYT and Sumits certification. She testifies that she has built more core strength while adding flexibility and balance due to her Sumits practice. Even in Samantha’s full time career, she coaches people (about using money in their lives). She is passionate about helping people focus on and reach their potential. She loves being a part of the Sumits community here in the Kansas City area and is grateful for the opportunity to practice with all of you!