Project Description

Stephanie Sanderson

Yoga has brought a grounded peace to Stephanie’s life-a peace that she found on four corners of her mat. Her mat was a safe space. The space gave her freedom to choose to let go freely, and love deeply, freedom to find peace in any moment of her life. Yoga taught her to stay present and keep breathing. Her breath became her connection and her power source. Choosing to inhale and take in what is meant for her and exhale what is not gave her clarity and connection to trust herself. Prior to her practice, Stephanie didn’t know she could choose what she responded to. Learning to let go allowed her to open up, find new edges and see all the good around her.

Stephanie came to Sumits KC in 2016 with a friend she admired. Her friend was growing in a way Stephanie could feel when she was with her. Stephanie came and never stopped. Her mind felt such peace. Her heart felt so good. Her body was healing.

Outside of yoga, Stephanie has been a hairstylist for 20 years . Stephanie believes yoga will help her in her other career which she passionately loves. When Stephanie is not at the studio or at the salon, she is spending time with her four beautiful children.

Stephanie decided to continue her yoga journey in yoga teacher training at Sumits KC in 2018. As a teacher, Stephanie has found the beauty in finding her voice, speaking truth. Everyone is worthy and enough. The journey as teacher is parallel with the student. Show up, love yourself where you are, love others and grow together. Stephanie loves sharing yoga with ALL people as she encouraging people to find safety and freedom from judgement in their practice. Loving people is her gift and teaching people to believe in themselves is the best part of being an instructor.