Sumit understands the healing aspect of heat. “It’s simple”, he says, “In a yoga class, you practice poses that require stretching and compression of the joints, muscles, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body. Your body naturally protects itself from physical exertion by generating heat from the inside muscles outwards. We start with the heat up front…providing that extra protection from the very first poses. Another added benefit is that your body burns fat more effectively. It’s not uncommon for our students practicing regularly to lose inches of shape in a relatively short time”.

Sumit encourages all students – newcomers and experienced students alike – to begin and maintain a consistent practice regardless of the style preferred. “You’ll benefit from class by your effort regardless of how far or deep you get. As long as you are feeling it and you are breathing calmly, you’re practicing correctly”. We look forward to meeting you!


Promote healing within your body.  Yoga is low impact and moves with your body’s natural range of motion.  Unlike some physical activities that damage the body through overuse, the more you practice yoga, the more flexible and less prone to injuries you become.  Hot yoga allows your body to go deeper into the pose and increases flexibility.  The Sumits sequence is designed to repair ailments and has helped others recover from sports-related and accidental injuries, even in instances where other attempts have failed.   Often times, hot yoga can be the bridge that helps you repair your body while still progressing with your training.

Lose body fat and increase your metabolism, as you get stronger. A regular yoga practice strengthens your stabilizer muscles, core and areas that you don’t commonly use in other activities.  Sumits Yoga is a total-body routine, which can lead to increased muscle mass and cardio improvement while reducing stress.
Achieve balance, both on and off your mat.  Sumits Yoga incorporates poses that help improve your balance.  A consistent practice balances hormones to help you sleep better and awake renewed, giving you more energy throughout the day.  Coming to class provides an opportunity to take care of yourself so that in turn you can take better care of those around you.  Class is designed to provide mental relaxation while still gaining physical benefits.

Cleanse your body internally by releasing toxins and gaining a glowing complextion.  Decreased blood flow and oxygenation of tissue cause cell death, build-up of toxins, and premature aging. Specific poses are designed to boost vitality of organs which in turn release toxins.  Hot yoga enables heat and light to efficiently break through blocked energy.  This incredible process increases your cell turnover for a radiant complexion and reduced visibility of cellulite.

Revive your body externally by improving you posture. Muscles and joints stiffen from under use and/or jobs that require long hours of sitting or bending. This can compress and disfigure the spine, causing discomfort and muscles to conform to incorrect alignment. Hot yoga increases blood flow to these hard to reach areas and strengthens your core for better posture.